January 6, 2012

Against my consent

You know that saying "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"?

That Eleanor Roosevelt was a pretty brilliant woman.  And yet I am confident that she never took her car to the mechanics... 

Those blasted mechanics don't seem to care one bit about my consent! 

My car (Stella) has been leaking and leaving oil in my driveway (at least it sure looked like oil to ME).  

A couple nights ago--after a warning light appeared on my dashboard--in the dark of the night, with a flashlight, I went out to check the oil in my car and is was LOW LOW LOW.  I asked my husband to pick up some oil on his way home and put it in.  He obligingly did so.  (Over the summer my car basically ran out of oil and I was paranoid that it had happened again.)  Much to my pleasure the oil he added caused the 'Maint Req" light on my dashboard to turn off.  I thought I was finally starting to gain a little mechanical knowledge.

Well...  I took my car in for an oil change after work today.   That puddle that I just KNEW was oil in my driveway... fluid I was SURE was oil... Was actually transmission fluid...  That plus the fact that I misread the oil stick (I don't even know what that thing is called.  Why did I think I knew anything about cars?) made for a car with TOO MUCH oil.  

Too much oil + broken transmission + mechanics looking at me like I didn't know a thing + not my consent = me feeling inferior.

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Geevz said...

Lame! I hate mechanic shops because I feel so vulnerable since I don't know anything about cars. And I think the stick is called a dipstick, but it could just be one of my dad's delayed practical jokes...