October 6, 2012


About a month ago I sat down and spent 2 hours writing an amazing post with detailed stories of my trip to Hawaii.  I finished it up, went to post it, and it disappeared.  That made me so mad that I almost divorced my blog... but I didn't...and now here I am.  Although blogger deleted all my hard work and writing it did save the pictures I had uploaded [in a weird order] and the first 3 sentences to a draft.  So that's what I'll be posting along with a lits of what I did on my trip to Maui.  

My husband wasn't able to get any time off from work this summer.   I had the travel bug and even though Tanner wouldn't be able to join me he game me his well wishes in planning and taking a trip!  Such a good man, that husband of mine!

Here's what my trip consisted of:
- Crossing off 2 life goals--going to Hawaii and riding on a Submarine
- Eating a LOT of REALLY tasty food and desserts
- Hanging out on the beach (although I only got wet once!)
- Going snorkeling
- Reading a lot (while on the beach)
- Going to a swap meet
- Driving the Road to Hana which was incredible!
- Going zip lining on Haleakala 
- Visiting a black sand beach
- Being squished on the plane because I'm so tall
- Driving around in my zippy, yellow rental car
- Going to a Luau
- Visiting an aquarium 
- Getting familiar with my map as I adventured in a new place
- Wearing my new purple and orange swim suit
- Going to the movies 3 times!  And seeing the strangest movie: Moonrise Kingdom
- Sleeping a lot
- Having an incredibly hard time finding the church building, then going to church
- Eating more.  The Shave Ice is to die for.  And I ate the most amazing fish taco of.my.life.
- Face-timing with my family while they were together for Sunday dinner.  Thank you Apple!

It was a good, good time!

January 14, 2012


Here's a recap of my life through the holidays and last couple months:

My brother got married to the most WONDERFUL girl that we just love!

I got some TOMS.  2 pair actually.  These beauties and a pair of brown herringbone.  Love them! 

The DOZENS and DOZENS of rolls my mom and I made for my brother's reception.

Thanksgiving at my great aunts.  Eat lots of food.  Play volleyball. Repeat. (Intermingled with random things like stacking 3 people on top of each other...)

Made gingerbread houses per our annual tradition.  Our pretty much rocked this year!

*    *    *

I've also been really busy with church, eating healthier, loving my nephews, work, and being a good wife!

January 6, 2012

Against my consent

You know that saying "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"?

That Eleanor Roosevelt was a pretty brilliant woman.  And yet I am confident that she never took her car to the mechanics... 

Those blasted mechanics don't seem to care one bit about my consent! 

My car (Stella) has been leaking and leaving oil in my driveway (at least it sure looked like oil to ME).  

A couple nights ago--after a warning light appeared on my dashboard--in the dark of the night, with a flashlight, I went out to check the oil in my car and is was LOW LOW LOW.  I asked my husband to pick up some oil on his way home and put it in.  He obligingly did so.  (Over the summer my car basically ran out of oil and I was paranoid that it had happened again.)  Much to my pleasure the oil he added caused the 'Maint Req" light on my dashboard to turn off.  I thought I was finally starting to gain a little mechanical knowledge.

Well...  I took my car in for an oil change after work today.   That puddle that I just KNEW was oil in my driveway... fluid I was SURE was oil... Was actually transmission fluid...  That plus the fact that I misread the oil stick (I don't even know what that thing is called.  Why did I think I knew anything about cars?) made for a car with TOO MUCH oil.  

Too much oil + broken transmission + mechanics looking at me like I didn't know a thing + not my consent = me feeling inferior.