May 14, 2011


Here's a glimpse into my week:

Renew teaching certificate.   Check

Get a flat tire on the freeway.     Check

New catalytic converter in my car.     Check

Fail emissions.     Check

Pass Emissions.     Check

Take care of a very sick hubby.     Check

Avoid working out.     Check

Have the bug man spray my house.     Check

Go to a class on Saturday.     Check

Have 2 of my kids ditch class in the morning to go to QT.     Check

Boy in my class write "have s*x with (name of a girl in my class)" on a little piece of paper.     Check

Get my teaching contract for next year.     Check.

Get car registration renewed.     Check

Take the final for my online class.     Check

Keep a mostly positive attitude.     Check

May 8, 2011


I high school I had 3 best girl friends.  We did EVERYTHING together.  We went on adventures, we were crazy, we had SO much fun!  (and I found out later we were pretty closed off to the idea of letting anyone else in...  I think we were just so content that that thought never crossed our minds.  But that's beside the point.)  
(This picture is about 5 years old.  We didn't take a picture last night.  Also, don't mind my hunchback... I was just trying to get in the picture better or something silly.)

Well, last night the 4 of us got together for dinner.  We caught up on each others lives, got caught up on other people's lives, and reminisced.  We even went on a small adventure.  It was a lot of fun.

It also reminded me of how unsocial I am these days.  And I feel like I should want to change that..

Anyways, it was a LOT of fun and briefly made me miss my high school days.  Good memories! 

May 1, 2011

Garden Update

   Over Spring Break I planted a garden. This is what it looked like. 
Now, a month and a half later it looks like this:

CRAZY, right?!  

We have a bell pepper growing.

About 50 tomatoes!

And yesterday I picked a zucchini!!!  It was the first harvest.


We also have pea plants (no peas yet), carrots, chives, onions, TONS of blossoms: 30 on the cucumber, 2 on the watermelon, lots on the pepper plants, and lots more on the squash.  I have about 10 mini zucchini growing, 3 yellow squash and more basil than I can use.  I'm loving it!