April 24, 2011

Easter Easter Easter!

This year we went to my mom's house to color Easter eggs.  It was fun to get to spend time with my family and get creative.  My nephews came and it was a big party!

 It's adorable how much my nephews love their grandpa!

Here's my favorite egg this year.

Another one I did.  Sappy, I know...

My oldest Nephew had so much fun choosing what colors he was going to do.

My youngest nephew wanted to do what everyone else was doing.  I thought this was extra cute because he's such a wiggly worm it was amazing that he sat there so still :)

And here's my sweet sis-in-law with nephew #3 (on this side) on the way!  I LOVE newborns, so I'm excited for him to get here in July.

After coloring Easter eggs we hid plastic eggs outside for the little guys to find.  His basket is empty because as soon as he found an egg he would open it, eat it, and leave the shell on the grass.

 I helped Brigham count how many eggs he had found.  33!  That's the highest he's ever counted and I got to help (that's the teacher in me, getting excited about helping a little person count)

 My twin brothers live together and I figured they wouldn't get an Easter basket, so last night I made them a basket when I made mine and Tanner's.  I dropped them off on their door step last night.  i hope they got them and nobody stole them!

Posting all these pictures made me think of the Easter when Tanner and I were dating.  We colored eggs with my roommate Tessa and our friend Josh.


And here we are this year.  Do we look like we've changed much?

April 17, 2011

Risky dinner

I have done my best to stay away from this restaurant during the course of my life due to the fact that I am always afraid I am going to accidentally say a swear word...

But this past week I was in the mood for a burger and suggested Red Robin.  Tanner doesn't care for Red Robin to this was his alternative suggestion.  

My favorite past was that they have a little bar that you get your burger toppings from.  They had the good kind of pickles.  The kind like they have at Krazy Sub: in spears AND slices! Mmmm!

I got the buffalo burger on a wheat bun.  It was pretty good, but next time I'm going for the regular beef burger.


Tanner's favorite part is that they have cheese sauce.

Overall, it was good and we'll go back.

April 11, 2011


Ever feel like you're not really moving anywhere?  Just stuck in the same 'ol place.  That's how I'm feeling lately.  I feel like my life is more routine than I care for.  I go to work, work out a few times a week, try and cook dinner, clean up the house a little, go to bed, repeat...

I probably need to set some better goals or something.  I have been trying to develop my artistic skills, but I just want to be amazing.  Without having to practice. Of course.

I would love to do some projects around the house, but my ambitions are larger than my funds.  Another one of life's ironies I guess.

How am I going to solve this?  How am I going to shake this feeling?  I'll probably go to bed without washing my face or taking out my contacts...

April 10, 2011

Drawing project 2

One of the activities is to draw things upside down.  The book has this picture upside down.  When you draw things upside down it forces your drain to look at lines instead of parts.

Here's mine.  I took a picture of it on my laptop so it's backwards, but you get the idea.

April 9, 2011

Love this weather and these people!

After Sunday dinner a few weeks ago we headed outdoors to enjoy the weather.  We started out playing "Duck, Duck, Goose".  My nephew LOVED it!  He got silly and started saying different animal names instead of 'duck'.   My little sister apparently thought it was really funny.

We then moved on to "Red Light Green Light".  My brother took a spill.  I'll tell you... these children's games are difficult!

It ended with people doing wheelbarrows.  

Too bad this perfect weather doesn't last long...

April 4, 2011


I have always wanted to be an artist.  I can scrapbook alright, and color in a coloring book, and my 2nd graders think I'm a great artist (but let's be honest... they thought my 4 legged duck was great...).  I try not to be a jealous person; I try to just be happy for others.  Yet when I see someone who can draw or paint I feel a twinge of jealously start in my stomach...

Well, it's on my list of life goals to learn to paint.  It's on there twice actually.  So when I was at Joanne's with my mom and sister on Saturday and they spotted a painting kit on sale, naturally I had to get it.  And on that same shelf there was a drawing kit as well.  I was nervous to try anything because I know it was going to be so bad...  But after watching lots of YouTube videos I decided to give it my first try...

So I made my first attempt tonight.  It's not amazing (and you shouldn't look at it too long), but I feel like it was good for my first attempt.  Take a (quick) look.

I drew it from looking at a picture of Jennifer Garner.  ( I feel somewhat less proud of myself when I put the two right next to each other.  Oh well.)