December 13, 2008

Sorry it took so long!

Yes, I know it's been a while.  Sorry.

I am now a married woman.  That there is me and my husband.

I figure it's HIGH time I update this blog of mine.  So here are some wedding pictures.

{in a strange order.  For some reason my computer is being difficult and it's easier to just post them out of order.}

Tanner went to get the garter, but pulled out a dinosaur {Stegron} instead.
Stegron is a plastic dinosaur that my friend Seffen and I pass back and forth as a joke.  Steffen is on his mission, so I didn't see this coming AT ALL.

As you can see, I was laughing so hard.  
Thanks to everyone who made that happen :o)

Cutting that cake.  {That my sister-in-law made. I love how it turned out!}

Me and two of my BEST friends: Chelsie and Camille

The formerly mentioned best friends decorated for me and it turned out like a dream!

All of it was just so fun and fallish.

One more shot of the beauty...
Here's all my family--immediate as well as extended.  And a few friends as well.

I usually despise kissing pictures, but I just love this one!

Me and all the girls.

Boy acting tough and me in obvious disgust...

The nieces and nephews.

Outside the temple right after we got married!

The first picture of us married-fresh out of the temple.  And check Tanner's stance; he looks like he's ready to conquer the world!


My parents have a picture JUST like this from back when they got married.  My brother and photographer {that's one person, not two} decided we needed to get one just like it :o)

No comment.

Man, my husband is a hottie!

One of my favorites.

... A sweet little moment...

My handsome husband again.

That's me!

And me again with my nice bouquet.

A up-close shot of the back of my dress.

And we left through a tunnel of sparklers!

It was a dream come true!  I dare say the best day of my life {despite how cliche that is, it truly was...}  Thanks a MILLION to everyone who made it happen.  All the help I got from so many people really means a lot to me.

The End

** Photography compliments of my brother**

November 3, 2008

A cankle and a sort of post

I opened my blog with the intention of posting wedding pictures. But as soon as I did I realized that my external hardrive--which is holding all those pictures--is currently at my parents' house...

So I decided to give you a sort-of post instead.

I have a *cankle right now. It's terrible! I feel like an elephant.

It's not as bruised, or swollen as it was a few days ago...

...but still, nobody wants a cankle!

* * *

But on a better note, I have most of a kitchen!
Last night Tanner and I opened the gifts from our reception and got to start putting stuff away in the kitchen. It was quite fun!

Below, you can see my very nice toaster, canisters, and spice rack! {And very bright window...}

~Wedding pictures coming soon~

* Can-kle: noun. A sight common among the morbidly obese. The point at which one is so obese that there is no thinning of the leg between the calf and the ankle, which creates a sense of fusion between the two. Consequently "Cankle" comes from the fusion of CAlf and aNKLE.

October 21, 2008

Little Update

I saw my brother Brad on campus today and he told me I needed to update my blog. I decided to comply. Sorry i've been a slacker lately. I've been meaning to post-I just haven't transfered pictures from my camera to Gregron {my computer} yet.

Well, I'm getting married in three days. I'm holding up surprisingly well!

This is how I look today:

I have a little bit of a zit on my forehead, but I'm not wearing any foundation right now, so I'm not too worried.

I have some exciting things to blog about {details to follow}:

*My AMAZING bridal shower! Camille and Chelsie did an incredible job and I had SO MUCH FUN!

*The house where Tanner and I will be living, that my family and I have been fixing up!

*The bridal pictures my brother took of me on Sunday.

*The pictures we're taking tomorrow.

The End

October 11, 2008

Not Much Time!

I'm getting married in 

....13 days...

That's not very long at all!!!!
{less than two weeks actually}

That means on Monday I can say,
"I'm getting married next week."


September 30, 2008

Apparantly I Love Myself...

I never considered myself a vain person... until recently, I guess.

A little while ago I was looking through my pictures and I realized something: I have a lot of pictures of myself!

Granted, Photo Booth on the Mac it quite fun to use. But really... is that any excuse?

* * *

This is excessive to say the least:

Now some of the pictures DID have purposes. That and the fact that these things didn't just come about over night--they've had a little while to accumulate--were my only sources of solace.

What has become of me?! This is terrible! I don't want to be a bad, conceited person. Maybe I need to become a nun...