April 28, 2008

Six months, a Gazebo, and a Song

Once upon a time there was a girl named Lindsey Burnham. All her life she dreamed of growing up and meeting her wonderful 'Prince Charming'. Once she became of dating age, she started dating here and there; getting to know her guy friends better, and going out with some pretty good people. She had her share of crushes and heartache, but it wasn't until about 6 months ago that the real magic began!

Tanner and Lindsey met within the quaint walls of their kindergarten classroom at Emerson Elementary, some 16 years ago, but of course neither of them really remember that... What they do remember is going to the same junior high {Carson} and high school {Westwood}. They were friends, but never really dated.

When Tanner came home from his mission 9 months ago he looked for girls worth taking out--he looked high and low. He found plenty of girls who wanted to be taken out, but none that he wanted to take out. Three months later he found a girl more than worthy of his time and effort!

The next couple of months weren't the easiest for Tanner, for Lindsey's heart would not be easily won! At first, Lindsey and her locked heart weren't sure how they felt about Tanner and his intentions. After a lot of time, too much thinking, and trying Tanner's patience, Lindsey realized that she was in love! She was more surprised than anyone, at that discovery!

Well the two of these kids {for lack of a better word} talked about marriage, and with the help of the Lord decided that was the right choice for them. And so that brings us up to this next story...

Wednesday, April 23rd marked 6 months of Tanner and Lindsey and their dating adventure. In celebration they decided to go to dinner the following Friday. They decided that Bill Johnson's Big Apple would be fun--seeing as neither of them had ever been there, and it seemed like an intriguing place.

When Friday rolled around Tanner had the fortune of falling into VIP tickets to a music festival. They went and parked in VIP parking, got free VIP t-shirts, sat on VIP couches, and ate at a VIP buffet. {Any guesses as to who catered the food? ...That's right... Bill Johnson's Big Apple!!! I wonder what kind of strings Tanner had to pull for that!}

The couple got home around 8 that evening.

"What do you want to do now? We've already eaten..." Tanner said

"And if we can't eat there's nothing else, is there?!" Lindsey quipped, and they laughed together. "I don't know... Do you have any ideas?"

"Well, we could go to the gazebo."

**Sidenote: there is a cute little gazebo off of center that Lindsey and Tanner frequent. It is pleasant when the weather is nice, and is the cutest little spot. It could be said that this gazebo is their 'spot'.**

"Oh, I DO love that gazebo!" Lindsey replied in delight.

"Okay, what shall we do there?"

"Now that's a good question; the one that always gets us!"

"I could take my guitar and sing to you," Tanner suggested nonchallantly.

"What a splendid idea! I'll take it!" Now at this point Lindsey was thinking that this was slightly atypical of Tanner: offering freely to play and sing for her--suggesting such a thing so casually, but she wasn't going to complain. If she didn't know better, she would think he was setting something up... but she DID know better. They had picked out a ring together and it wasn't going to be ready for a few more days--almost a week. So she dismissed this odd behavior and decided to go along with this romantic scene.

When they reached the above mentioned gazebo Tanner started serenading his love. She sat in the cool weather, enjoying the night, company, and pleasant music. The last song he sang was one of Lindsey's favorites! {In fact just the week before while Lindsey had been doing the dishes, Tanner had sang this very song to her to make the job more pleasant. One line at the end of the song says "All I've got, ain't that much, but lots of love and a diamond ring." The week before--to be funny--he had changed the end of that line to "diamond less ring" [for at that point they had a ring, but no center stone...]}

When he played that final song and got to that line, Lindsey thought she would try to be funny and witty--not knowing she was walking RIGHT into a trap! While he sang the line "All I got ain't that much, but lots of love and a diamond ring," Lindsey inserted some questions... It went a little something like this:

"All I got, ain't that much..."

Lindsey: "What do you have Tanner?"

"but lots of love..."

Lindsey: "And what else?"

"and a diamond ring!"

Lindsey: "Oh yeah?" {sarcastic undertones...}

Tanner smirked and finished the song with the last round of the chorus.

Lindsey lovingly applau
ded and expressed her delight.

"I do have something else for you," Tanner said as he reached down into his guitar case.


Next, he did something that Lindsey least expected! He pulled out a little box and opened it to expose this:

He followed that presentation with a question: "Lindsey, will you marry me?"

All Lindsey could say was "YES!!!!"

He slid the ring on her finger perfectly as her mind flooded with emotion and questions. She was so excited, and was filled with so much love. Yet at the same time she was wondering how he had got the ring so soon, when he had picked it up, and so much more! Tanner set his guitar in its case and Lindsey slid into his arms. Lindsey then did something she had never done before... she let out a little squeak! {For those of you who know Lindsey, you realize how peculiar this is... Lindsey is NOT the squeaking type. It seems that all her excitement had to get out, and it chose the form of a squeak!}

It was the most perfect engagement Lindsey could have ever imagined! Is was the perfect blend of surprise, romance, and sentiment. She feels SO lucky, and SO blessed to have such a wonderful 'prince charming' in her life--forever!

Lindsey and Tanner left the gazebo and went to Lindsey's brother and sister-in-law's house.

At Karlie's {the sister-in-law} request, the four of them did a little toast in celebration.

Then the newly engaged couple headed over to Lindsey's family's house to share the news. Everyone was really happy!

Dad even got out of bed to come hear the story and join the festivities!

After celebrating with Lindsey's family, the two of them headed over and told Tanner's family the glorious news. Everyone there was really excited as well and welcomed Lindsey into the family!

So it's official! Lindsey and Tanner are getting married. They will be wed October 24th 2008, and live happily ever after!

April 14, 2008

Easter Eggs!

Happy Easter! Yeah, I realize it's a little belated, but you know what they say... better late than never! This Easter was my first away from home, so it was different than normal. Saturday night Tessa, Josh, Tanner, and I decided that it would be splendid to color eggs together on Sunday. We took an adventure to the grocery store to get the materials necessary. While we were there Tessa and I grabbed a bunch of goodies to put an Easter basket together for the roomies! We also got some plastic eggs to hide around the house for a hunt. When we got home Tessa and I made a HAPPY EASTER sign and set out the goods in a basket.

Sunday morning Tanner and Josh came over and searched for the eggs Tessa and I had hid. We had been quite sneaky and it was fun to see then hunt about 5 East Hillside for those plastic eggs. After tracking them all down, they re-hid them for the roomies to find later. We then got to the coloring of the eggs. It was quite splendid really! We busted out a box of Crayola crayons and got creative.

Here are the eggs that I colored: the first one looks like.... yup, the earth. The second one was just fun, but one person did say it looked like Charlie Brown. The third has hearts on it--it's kind of hard to see...

Here's my 'world' up a little closer. Nice, eh?

Tanner made an egg to match his tie.

So I would have to say it was a successful Easter! I did end up taking a nap later in the day and sleeping through dinner with my family and the food was mainly gone when I got there... but other than that it was GREAT!

So once again, HAPPY EASTER! ... Belated :o)