April 14, 2008

Easter Eggs!

Happy Easter! Yeah, I realize it's a little belated, but you know what they say... better late than never! This Easter was my first away from home, so it was different than normal. Saturday night Tessa, Josh, Tanner, and I decided that it would be splendid to color eggs together on Sunday. We took an adventure to the grocery store to get the materials necessary. While we were there Tessa and I grabbed a bunch of goodies to put an Easter basket together for the roomies! We also got some plastic eggs to hide around the house for a hunt. When we got home Tessa and I made a HAPPY EASTER sign and set out the goods in a basket.

Sunday morning Tanner and Josh came over and searched for the eggs Tessa and I had hid. We had been quite sneaky and it was fun to see then hunt about 5 East Hillside for those plastic eggs. After tracking them all down, they re-hid them for the roomies to find later. We then got to the coloring of the eggs. It was quite splendid really! We busted out a box of Crayola crayons and got creative.

Here are the eggs that I colored: the first one looks like.... yup, the earth. The second one was just fun, but one person did say it looked like Charlie Brown. The third has hearts on it--it's kind of hard to see...

Here's my 'world' up a little closer. Nice, eh?

Tanner made an egg to match his tie.

So I would have to say it was a successful Easter! I did end up taking a nap later in the day and sleeping through dinner with my family and the food was mainly gone when I got there... but other than that it was GREAT!

So once again, HAPPY EASTER! ... Belated :o)


Camille said...

Did you know that it is possible to colour easter eggs with natural materials like spinach, beets, red onions, and the like? True. I really wanted to do it this year but I pooped out. I'm glad you didn't poop out. Thanks for updating!

joy said...

Looks like lots of fun!

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Steven and Kami Palmer said...

I love that you and your roomates did easter eggs together! I just think you are great. I hope you are doing good!