March 24, 2008


My nephew Brigham, he's so dang cute!

But the great thing is that he's not only cute, but he's sweet,
always happy, and so cuddly.

Man, I love that kid!


Anonymous said...

Yay! A post! I too see the tenderness of your dear nephew! Aren't nephews the best??

Camille said...

I love my nephew too, and though he's cute, he is NOT happy and cuddly all the time. Nevertheless...I love him. and brig too. and you.

Mistakes for Marion said...

Wonderful! ...I'm guessing. See, I wouldn't know from personal experience. But if it were a niece, I've had three delightful run-ins with those. :)

lindser-lou said...

ohhh! i stalk karlie and bryce on their page but want to see your cruise pictures too!!! did you go on Carnival Elation? Because i know that black hostess girl! she was on my cruise when i went to mexico last october! FUN FUN FUN!