December 24, 2007

Six things

I have been SUCH a bad blogger lately. In fact I think that it will be miracle if anyone even reads this-I suspect that everyone has stopped checking my site for updates. If, however, that is not the case, and you have not given up on me, BLESS YOU!!! I am going to be a better blogger... I hope that someday, when I grow up, I can be a blogger just like Camille (she is the epitome of bloggers in my mind: consistent, witty, clever, brilliant...)

Well I have been meaning to get back in the blogging spirit, but haven’t been able to find the motivation. Jami Parker Pitts just tagged me to do "Six Things". For those of you unfamiliar with this practice, let me explain: Someone tagged her and she had to write and expound upon 6 interesting/odd/clever/fun/random things about herself. After doing it, she had to "tag" 6 other people to do it next. Well now it's my turn-I get to come up with 6 things about myself...

1) I love noises and textures. Recently (and by recently I mean about 10 months ago) I have taken a great liking to crunching noises. I love to eat crunch things as loudly as possible. when thins aren't very crunchy, I like to enhance the noise, and I love to make crunching noises when I eat soft things-like tortillas and grapes-it really confuses people! I also love the crunching sound of leaves! As far as textures are concerned, I love feeling neat things: good carpet, fabrics, a bowl full of rice, basically anything that has a good feel to it...

2) I Think I want to live to be 100. When they built the new Carson Pool they sold bricks and the person who bought them could have written on it as they chose. My father is a supporter of the school and city so he paid for one for each of us kids. I thought long and hard about what I wanted mine to say. I finally decided on "Lindsey Bella Burnham 1986-2086" I now feel like it is my duty to live to by 100 years old. I stopped by and looked at the brick the other day and honestly it's not holding up too well-I don't know how long it'll last, so if I don't make it that long I'm not going to feel too bad... I don't know, the idea of living a round 100 years just seems nice. Mind you I only want to be 100 if I'm healthy-none of this feeble, decrepit body junk: I want to be spry!

3) I am addicted to Christmas.
I LOVE the holiday season. I don't just like it a little bit, but I LIVE for this time of the year! I have a book of lists, and in there is a list of 14 reasons I love Christmastime. It's not quite as intenst or insane as it used to be, but I'm pretty hardcore!

4) I would love to be a linguist. I enjoy languages quite a bit. I think it would be fabulous to devote my time to learning the languages of the world (and then later on in my life traveling the world and using then and experiencing other lands and cultures... that would be my dream!)

5) Just about the only thing I am scared of is elevators.
I had a terrible nightmare involving elevators about 9 years ago and they still sort of frighten me. I go on them, and I don't freak out, break out in a cold sweat, or hyperventilate when riding them, but they do scare me a little.

6) I’m tongue tied! That's right...I am tongue tied. For more information and the like you may read about Ankyloglossia HERE. It doesn't effect anything really: eating, talking... But this is what it looks like:

So that is that. I now tag six others: Brandon, Tessa, Shauna, Kristi, Karlie, and Kim. Enjoy!