April 24, 2011

Easter Easter Easter!

This year we went to my mom's house to color Easter eggs.  It was fun to get to spend time with my family and get creative.  My nephews came and it was a big party!

 It's adorable how much my nephews love their grandpa!

Here's my favorite egg this year.

Another one I did.  Sappy, I know...

My oldest Nephew had so much fun choosing what colors he was going to do.

My youngest nephew wanted to do what everyone else was doing.  I thought this was extra cute because he's such a wiggly worm it was amazing that he sat there so still :)

And here's my sweet sis-in-law with nephew #3 (on this side) on the way!  I LOVE newborns, so I'm excited for him to get here in July.

After coloring Easter eggs we hid plastic eggs outside for the little guys to find.  His basket is empty because as soon as he found an egg he would open it, eat it, and leave the shell on the grass.

 I helped Brigham count how many eggs he had found.  33!  That's the highest he's ever counted and I got to help (that's the teacher in me, getting excited about helping a little person count)

 My twin brothers live together and I figured they wouldn't get an Easter basket, so last night I made them a basket when I made mine and Tanner's.  I dropped them off on their door step last night.  i hope they got them and nobody stole them!

Posting all these pictures made me think of the Easter when Tanner and I were dating.  We colored eggs with my roommate Tessa and our friend Josh.


And here we are this year.  Do we look like we've changed much?


Brad and Audrey said...

Your eggs are so creative!! Fun!

Jonathan and Sarah said...

You guys look a little different, but it's mainly the hair. How do you do cool designs on eggs like that?

Lindsey said...

Audrey- Thanks!

Sarah- We just used crayons! Super easy and cheap, but they turn out really fun :)

afton said...

linds! you look amazing in that last picture, you're hair is beautiful! i love reading all of your posts!

elisabeth said...

so cute!
i love how kids have to line everything up on the floor to count them. it makes me laugh.
happy later easter!