May 1, 2011

Garden Update

   Over Spring Break I planted a garden. This is what it looked like. 
Now, a month and a half later it looks like this:

CRAZY, right?!  

We have a bell pepper growing.

About 50 tomatoes!

And yesterday I picked a zucchini!!!  It was the first harvest.


We also have pea plants (no peas yet), carrots, chives, onions, TONS of blossoms: 30 on the cucumber, 2 on the watermelon, lots on the pepper plants, and lots more on the squash.  I have about 10 mini zucchini growing, 3 yellow squash and more basil than I can use.  I'm loving it!


Cheryl Shimata said...

Wow your garden looks amazing!!

Lance and Kimberlee said...

So cool! It makes me so glad to hear your garden is growing so well. Ours is growing but super slow. Basically we just have a bunch of shoots, but we don't get as much sun here in Oregon. It makes me happy to see yours blossoming and gives me hope that ours will follow suit.

Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

AMAZING!! And delicious! ;)

Geevz said...

FANTASTIC!! I never thought I'd get such a kick out of gardening like I am. Strange how getting older makes my mother's excitement make sense.

And for the record, your garden beats the pants off mine. You're an inspiration :)

Sissa said...

Hooray! I LOVE Gardens... especially when they grow so well!!! Great job!

j & s said...

your garden is AWESOME. k when i start a garden can i please come to you for help??? you're amazing.