May 8, 2011


I high school I had 3 best girl friends.  We did EVERYTHING together.  We went on adventures, we were crazy, we had SO much fun!  (and I found out later we were pretty closed off to the idea of letting anyone else in...  I think we were just so content that that thought never crossed our minds.  But that's beside the point.)  
(This picture is about 5 years old.  We didn't take a picture last night.  Also, don't mind my hunchback... I was just trying to get in the picture better or something silly.)

Well, last night the 4 of us got together for dinner.  We caught up on each others lives, got caught up on other people's lives, and reminisced.  We even went on a small adventure.  It was a lot of fun.

It also reminded me of how unsocial I am these days.  And I feel like I should want to change that..

Anyways, it was a LOT of fun and briefly made me miss my high school days.  Good memories! 


The Burnhams said...

Hi sista! Great posts..I hadn't seen the Easter picts yet and they were so cute! I love the one of Sterling and nonno:) Your garden is incredible and I'm so happy you got together with friends! Happy Mother's day to sure have been a big influence in my boys' lives (especially my hubby!)
Love, Karlie sister

Lance and Kimberlee said...

I like how you said "briefly" made you miss high school. I miss the friends from school but I don't miss high school at all. So fun to all catch up! Catching up with old friends is probably one of my most favorite things.

Camille said...

Your hair looks good that colour.