November 15, 2011

Tom time

It's Toms time.  I've been thinking about it for a loooooong time and I'm gonna get them.  

I'm just not sure which pair to get.  Help me out?

Choice #1  Brown herringbone

Choice #2 Classic and natural

Choice #3 Go with almost everything in my wardrobe (and look at the animals inside!) ...yet kind of boring

Choice #4  My favorite color, but not as versatile. 

Choice #5 I feel like this is a boring choice, but I really love the grey.

There are some other super fun choices, but I think my first pair needs to be a solid instead of patterned.
What do you think?  Which pair gets your vote?


carla thorup said...

I love my red ones! (and I'd go bigger rather than smaller on the size.) i have grey as well, but I think the brighter the better. I love 'em!

Geevz said...

I would go with the grey or brown so you can wear them to school easily. That said, I was surprised how often my bright red flats worked with an outfit.

I really like the look of Toms, but every time I go to buy them they feel so cheap in my hand I can't fork over the money. I know they are partially philanthropic but I still can't pull the trigger. Let me know how you like them! It may tip the scale for me.

Andrea said...

I love herringbone everything, so you can guess which pair gets my vote:)

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Sally said...

Ok. So Toms. For your first pair, I think you should go black or grey. Something you know you can wear a lot. If you love them, then expand your shoe collection with fun ones. I sold Toms for a while and definitely recommend going as small as you can with the size (if you are getting canvas, which is everything on your list, except for the herringbone). They stretch a lot! Which is nice, but go small to start with. And go try them on somewhere first, even if you plan to order them online. Have fun!!! I love my Toms!