October 11, 2011


After listening to Ian S. Arden talk about using time wisely and hearing the bishop in my ward talk about staying busy with good things I have been thinking about what I spend my time on.

To say that I have been slacking when it comes to exercising would be a gross understatement...  I did okay over the summer, but when I went back to work when school started I had less time.  I kept thinking that after I got in a good routine and settled into this school year I'd have more time. 

Guess what...  That never happened!  In fact the opposite happened--I got a fairly time intensive calling and had less time than before.  Yet despite that I still managed time to watch TV.  

I have decided that I need to cut out most of my TV watching.  This past week I have watched substantially less than I am used to.   This week is October break and I thought this would be the perfect time to start down the road to being fit again.  3 weeks ago I started doing yoga with a friend but that was only once a week.  Yesterday I power walked to my brother's house (He lives 2 miles from me) and today I rode to my parents' house and back (14 miles).  Last night I also decided to stop eating deep fried foods and sweets until Thanksgiving.  I'll need a slice of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.  Time to get healthy!

And you know what?  I feel pretty great!

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Geevz said...

I'm so proud of you! I know you can do it!