January 9, 2011


I am the kind of girl that likes to do lists and goals.  Having said that, I did terrible with last year's goals: 50%.  But that's okay.  I have higher hopes for this year!!  Here are my resolutions for this year:

1. Read the scriptures daily (I have been slacking)

2. pray each morning and night (also slacking)

3. Get pregnant (was on my list last year, but didn't happen)

4. Cook 4 times a week (we have been eating out too much; time to be healthier and more frugal)

5. Learn 3 new song on the piano

6. Pay off all our debt (student loans and credit cards)

7. Buy a new (to us) car

8. Blog once a week

9. Take more pictures

Well, I made these goals last Sunday and since then I have read scriptures 6/7 days, said my prayers everyday, cooked 4 times, blogged twice, and bought a new car!  Things are right on track :)

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