January 19, 2011


We got a new (to us) car!  It's a Scion XB 2005 with 57,000 miles.  I'm not really a fan of how these cars look, but WOW!!!  They are so spacious!  When I am inside I don't care what the outside looks like!  I am a solid 6'2'' and 4' of my body is legs... so I am usually uncomfortable in a car.  Usually.  But not in our new box.  Oh no!  If I scoot the front seats ALL THE WAY back and sit in the back seat I still have 4 inches in front of my knees!  That may not mean a lot to some of you, but for those of you who face this same problem you know what I mean.  I love it!  It's also going to be a good baby car (no, this is not an announcement...) because the doors provide lots of space and it'll be easy to get a baby in without bending down super far.  

Tanner is also loving that on the cold mornings he doesn't have to ride his motorcycle to work.  

So even though I don't love how this car looks (is IS growing on me though) I love how spacious it is.


Geevz said...

My sister has one and she loves it. It is totally spacious and it easily rocks a car seat and 4 passengers. I'm excited for you!

Andrea said...

Congrats!!! (on the car, not the baby ...yet) I hope the look grows on you soon. I'll admit, I'm jealous -I fell in love with these cars the first time I saw one. Woohoo for the leg room! That's sooooo nice

Tracy said...

I love boxy cars!!! I think its adorable.
Yay for new cars!

Merkley Jiating said...

I have wanted a box car (mostly an Element) since the first time I saw one. I am so jealous. You will never have a hard time finding your car in a parking lot!

Beth Layton said...

Oh I SO know what you mean with the leg room. I just love you, "and 4 feet of me is legs" ... I love how in tight seating situations it seems we always get the front, because of our lovely long legs.