January 5, 2011


It's been too ling since I have written and so I thought I's play catch up!

My husband sent me roses "just because".  I love that!  I know they are just flowers, but they make me feel so loved.  I just like knowing that Tanner is thinking about me and wants me to know it <3

I got a new laptop!  You may remember that our house was broken into and my laptop and ipod were stolen.  I am happy to report that I got a new one of each.  My new laptop's name is Gigi (or G.G. for Gregron's Ghost)  I am really loving it except that it's made of metal and glass and gets quite cold.

Tanner got these wretched shoes on his mission and wore them WAY LONGER than he should have.  I hated those things and he finally let me buy him a new pair and throw these old ones away!!!  Horray!

We have a family tradition of making gingerbread houses (that's where my mom and dad's story begins!) each year.  Here is the one Tanner and I made this year.  One of my favorite parts is that I gave the gingerbread people frosting hair.

Our mortgage company (lender, actually, but it's all the same to me) rented a theatre and invites us to see the movie Tangled for free!  We even got to bring 8 other people as well.  Santa was there so we got a picture to be festive.  I loved the movie by the way.

My sister-in-law made me pajama pants out of this amazing red and white fabric.  I love them!  I also got some pretty sweet Christmas presents (I made a list of what I wanted and Tanner got me everything on the list!)  i got an ipod dock, beautiful red Crock pot, boots, 5 shirts, Anne of Green Gables (1 and 2) on DVD, a lace skirt,

I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 weeks off from work!  They were much needed and to be honest I didn't do a whole lot.  I slept in, kept the house nice and tidy, cooked more, read, relaxed, hung out with my family, helped my brother and sister-in-law move, worked one day at the fabric store, and enjoyed having no commitments.   But now it's back to work and parent teacher conferences next week.

Just before Christmas break I straightened my hair on day and when a student saw me in the morning he said "Mrs. Layton!!!?  Is that really you?"  haha.

We are also teaching sunday school at church.  We taught 15/16 year olds for 4 weeks, then they rearranged for the new year and we are teaching 12/13 year olds.  It's been fun having a church calling with Tanner; we have always had separate callings.

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Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I adored Tangled! Yay got a new comp. Seriously.