August 28, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth!

My little sister Annie turned 12 on Wednesday. She's never been to Disneyland, so that was her birthday present. It was just going to be her and my mom, but last minute I snuck my way in on the action! (The one perk of not being employed is that you can abandon your life for a few days and that's totally okay).

We had SO MUCH FUN! Annie loved every second, and it was so fun to watch her so thoroughly enjoy it :o)

Here was my FAVORITE part of the trip. We were on splash mountain: Annie in the front, my mom second, and me third. We were having a blast when we came to the drop at the end. Right as we started going over the edge my mom looks at the drop. In a terribly frightened and alarmed voice she says, "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" Each work got louder and more frighted. Annie and I could.not.stop.laughing!

It's a Small World.

I let Annie drive... bad news!

Yeah, I could totally be Zerg.

Annie and Alice are supposedly the same age...

A classic first time picture :o)

I think I'd have that look on my face too if there was a robot attack!

Big Thunder Mountain! I love that ride!!!

We're that strong! Well, Annie is... I just look helpless.

We walked my mom into the round. She had to take a little power nap!

Happy birthday Annie!!!! I am so luck to have you as a sister. I love you! Thanks for the great memories!


RatalieNose said...

What a fun trip!!!
Happy birthday to Annie!!

Geneva said...

That looks like lots of fun! Happy birthday Annie!

Bethany said...

So I love Disneyland and isn't it awesome that you can go for your birthday for free this year! How fun!

✩Molly✩ said...

:) glad you guys had a great time! :)

hooray, for the happiest place on earth, here in Orange County. :)

Kylee said...

When we went to Disneyland Carolyn & I wouldn't let Kris or Brandon take naps and they were angry and tired the rest of the day! Good thing you let your mom rest!

afton said...

oh what a fun trip!!! and of course you should have gotten in on the action! glad it worked out!

Justin and Stefanie said...

yes i love disneyland! it truly is the happiest place on earth..thanks for this post. it makes me feel like im at home... :)