September 16, 2008

One of my fears...

I'm not one to fear much--and I take pride in that. No need to call me conceited. I've been afraid of things in my life, I just strive to get over those fears.

There are some things I don't like: cottage cheese, hot dogs, being sweaty, feeling tired, and people scratching their stomachs for long amounts of times. And I really dislike cockroaches. But I'm not afraid of these things.

There are however a couple things I really truly DO fear.

1) Elevators. But that's due to an extremely vivid nightmare I had many years ago.

{That however, is not the point of this blog... so I'll move on}

2) My EVEN BIGGER FEAR, and probably my greatest fear to date, is that my face will become my enemy the week of October 24th {that's when I'm getting married for those of you don't know}.

I fear that the day I get married my poor face will look something this:

Terrible, right?

Or, even WORSE, I fear that I might get another one of these attrocious devils.

I just want to be beautiful the day I get married... Is that too much to ask?


chelsie said...

No matter what you will be beautiful. And that is not a very good reason to be afraid because Brad can always photo shop your face.

Lindsey Burnham said...

I don't know... There are some things Photo shop can't fix...

Camille said...

It's not too much to ask. MAC will get you there. Happiness comes in lots of little tubes and containers. I'm sure of it.

Also--I had no idea you were afraid of elevators. I'm afraid of getting stabbed, also due to a vivid nightmare. I just know that's how I'm going to die.

RatalieNose said...

You are beautiful no matter what they say, zits can't bring you down... anywho you'll look FANTASTIC no matter what, but just the same, I'll pray for you!

Camille Elise said... is a valid fear of elevators...i got stuck in one after church about 2 months ago for about half an hour. We had stayed a little bit later then everyone on this day so there was no one around...ya, i started freaking out. Luckily we both had cell phones and all elevators have emergency call, it wasn't the worst situation.

Jami said... fear, came true on my wedding. Good thing that I took my pictures 2 weeks ahead of time. The story goes a little something like this..I started taking birth control, and got this weird rash on my face (when I am pregnate I get this same rash, only MUCH worst, thus making me ugly for 9 FREAKING month...and maybe even longer) well I didnt' have time to go to the dermo doctor, so I have stuck having this dumb rash!!!! I didn't get my nails done on my wedding day, and I will forever regret it. So my advice is to go to the dermo, and get something to clear you up for like one month, and get a mani/pedi for your wedding...AND take a trip to MAC, they are so helpful. ALSO I am affraid of elevator doors! I am ever so affraid that the door will shut on me! Weird I know..but I get so uptight when I have to go thru the door with a stroller, and all my bags at the mall. I just worry!

Tanner said...

Oh! I'll protect you my love :o) And as always, You are Beautiful, no matter what!

Geneva said...

I second the MAC motion. I swear it is as expensive as printer ink ounce for ounce, but I LOVE it and will never go back.

Lauren said...

I had the exact same fear...the key is to NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE. Just let the zits take their course and keep your fce clean...they will magically disappear.