August 14, 2008

No Bed of Roses...

Yesterday I met with the florist.  

I don't know if you've ever tried to say the word 'florist' over the phone, but it's a tricky word to communicate.  As I was talking to Tanner I tried to tell him that I was being a good Fiance and planning wedding things.  

"I'm going to meet with the florist this evening"

"The flourish?"

"What?  No, flourist."

"Floorist?  What floor needs to be done?"

"Flourist... I'm meeting with the florist!"

"You have a meeting in the forest?! Why?"

"Tanner, flowers.  The lady who works with flowers.  She arranges flowers: she puts together bouquets and makes boutonnieres... The Florist."

"OH...!  you're going to meet with the florist!  I get it..."

*  *  *

flo·rist (flôrist): A person who sells and arranges plants and cut flowers.

I didn't go into the woods, flourish, or get new carpet... I met with the flower lady yesterday.  All things considered it went quite well.  The lady doing them is really fun--a good friend of my mom's.  I'm not having any flowers in my centerpieces, so really all she's doing is making my bouquet and about 25 boutonnieres and corsages. 

My colors are fall colors: shades of reds and oranges, a little golden yellow, brown.  Here's how my bouquet is going to look.*

*Picture found by Tanner Layton.  {That's right everyone, he found this amazing creation for me!}


Geneva said...

Ooooooo purdy!

Michael and Dena said...

I love thr flowers. They are so pretty.

Camille said...

I've been having dreams about this bouquet all week. You are dressed in an amazing white gown (you look so SKINNY!) and have a nice, even tan, which is more evident by the fact that your hair is pinned up an a curly-ish updo reminiscent of Jane Austen's time, yet amazingly modern, too. You look beautiful, obviously. And Tanner, he's there. And we all know how much he loves you because he found your bouquet, and what guy DOES that? A good egg, that's what guy.

And then I wake up, and all my dreams for you have actually come true.

How happy.

Lauren said...


Your conversation reminds me of one I had with ted. He confused the word "presents" with the word "pregnant"..good times.

Anyway, I hate my florist. She is a meanie. Ask my mom. Actually, dont ask my mom...she thinks I am overreacting. She is only saying that because she likes the prices of the florist from hades.

Kim said...

I love your bouquet! I cant wait to see you all dressed up and fancy! You will be BEAUTIFUL as always!

chelsie said...

oh i feel so sad that i didn't see this blog sooner. it is amazing and i am completely stoked to help in any way i can!!!!

Merkley Jiating said...

Camille's comment made me laugh. I hope it turns out just like that!