August 8, 2007

Taco Time

My brother Brandon and I both recently moved out. Since this has happened we 1) don’t get to see each other as much as we used to, and 2) don’t eat as well. In order to solve this we came up with a solution: Twice a week we eat together. Monday nights I make dinner and he and Brad come over to eat and visit. Wednesday nights Brandon cooks and I go over to his house. (This ensures 3 decent meals a week-Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday at my parents).

His past Monday I decided to make tacos. They are not a hard thing to make, but I felt fulfilled no less. The taco meat turned out really good, we had a good variety of taco fillings, they tasted amazing, I felt like I was a good homemaker, and I didn’t burn the kitchen down. All in all it was quite successful! I like cooking, enjoy expanding my skills, and am really happy to cook for my brothers who I love dearly.


Miss Kim Fontes said...

I love when I have made tacos aswell, it makes me feel like I get in touch with my true mexicaness! Thats so awesome how you are learning and loving to cook, thats something i need to start to love doing too!

The Burnhams said...

Hi Linds!

Way to go...your picture made me hungry for those tacos! Will you come cook for me and Bryce and "he who shall not be named" someday:) I will call you later to give you the latest Dr's update on your beautiful nephew!