August 1, 2007

No pants!

So I love telling funny stories from work. Today at work I was cutting a 14 year old boy's hair. His sister, aunt, three cousins, two foster cousins, and two young family friends were there with him. They were a large group in and of themselves, and on top of their presence we were really busy: the store was packed. So as I was cutting, the insanity persisted. Suddenly I heard the mother yell "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!" She then jumped out of her chair and sprinted across the store. I turned around to see the cause of this outburst. Turns out one of the three year old boys had gone to the bathroom and wasn't able to pull his pants up on his own. Instead of waiting in the bathroom for help, or being secretive about getting someone to help, he just walked out of the bathroom and halfway across the store with his pants down to find a helper. I turned and saw the mother helping him get his pants back on and ranting about how inappropriate he had been. "What on earth were you thinking!!! You can't just come out here like this! Everyone in the store just SAW you! You are three years old and should be fully capable to pull your pants back up-apparently that's not the case! When we get home we are going to work on that and you WILL NOT leave the house again until you can do that!" Meanwhile the poor kid was standing there not knowing exactly what he had done wrong.

I found it interesting to see how this mother reacted to the situation. To me it seemed a little counterproductive. She was upset that people had seen her little boy naked, yet at the same time if she hadn't reacted with so much anger and noise, I wouldn't have even noticed! Oh good times at work!


Camille said...

In France they teach their children to let loose when the urge strikes them. I saw children hoisted up and dangled from their parents' arms, peeing in the streets, just to avoid the unpleasant sensation of "holding it". All in the name of potty training, I suppose.

(Oh, and I hate nasty parents more than I hate nasty children.)

Miss Kim Fontes said...

Oh how I loved that story when you told it in person, it made it so wonderful to read about again! I love good stories of crazy people from work, but i think yours is the best ive ever heard!