August 25, 2007

An Aunt at Last

Back in December I found out that Karlie, my sister-in-law, was expecting a baby. Her original due date was was estimated to be August 11th. As the 11th quickly approached, however, it looked like she wasn't going to have the baby till as late as the 24th.

When Bryce and Karlie found out they were having a boy they decided to share that information with family and friends, but wanted to keep his name a surprise. Since we didn't know his name I started calling him Charlie (it sounded close to Karlie, and was a boy's name). This pseudo-name caught on and soon the whole family called him this.

Well, Karlie went into the hospital the morning of Friday the 24th of August . She was induced and gave birth to Brigham Walter Burnham at 2:54 pm. He was a healthy 8 pounds 3 ounces and 20 inches long.
It's amazing: experiencing a new life coming into the world. I didn't "experience" life coming into the world literally (I mean I didn't give birth, or even see Karlie giving birth), but I have seen the process of Brigham's coming about. I saw her when she was just barely pregnant, saw her grow, got to feel Brigham kicking and rolling about in Karlie's womb, and then saw him when he was a few hours old. It is incredible that Karlie was able to make another person--one who was so beautiful and perfect! It's so fun to hold his little body and embrace his innocence!

So Brandon went to the hospital earlier today and was happy to announce that Brigham doesn't look like a "Charlie" at all. Karlie was quite excited to hear that. This evening while I was at the hospital visiting again Brigham opened his evey and was trying to look around. I could tell that he was really fighting to keep his eyes opened, and he went really cross-eyed. It was SO FUNNY, and Karlie and I were dying laughing.

So Being an Aunt is amazing and I already love it!!! I can only imagine what is yet to come.


Emily Lewis said...

im so happy for them and you!! being an aunt is seriuosly the best!!! just wait till the second one comes, it gets better everytime!!!

Camille said...

Oh he is here and alive and his adorable little name is BRIGHAM!!! He's not Charlie at all. I don't know why they thought that people would harass them about the name Brigham--it's lovely. I like alliteration. If he grows up and becomes a contestant on SYTYCD, I will make a sign for him that will read, "BRIGHAM YAY!"

The Burnhams said...

Hi Lindsey sister:)
I finally found a spare moment to get caught up on your blog! OH, what a sweet tribute to our little Brig...I loved every sentence! He is lucky to have an aunt who loves him so much. I hope to see you soon (and so does Brig...although, it might be in a crossed-eye sort of way)!

Anonymous said...

Oh it is so exciting!

He is amazing!


Anonymous said...

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