August 1, 2011

New little guy

My sister-in-law had this sweet little guy 3 weeks ago.
Curtis Ron Burnham: 7lbs 15 oz 21 1/2 in long

My parents were out of town getting my brother from his mission so I was babysitting my youngest two siblings.  we got to go see the new addition in the hospital.  

Have I ever mentioned that newborns are one of my favorite things in the world?!  Well they are.  In fact I held this guy for more than an hour last night and loved every second.  So tiny (mini ears, fingers, lips, ears, toes, everything!  I love it!), so sweet and so squishy!  I love how they just curl right up and fit so nicely in my arms.  All in all I love having this new guy as part of the family!


Andrea said...

I love Curtis! :) And I can't believe Austin is coming home -wow, time flies

Geevz said...

What a sweet little one! I love them when they are so new ans fresh!

Lisa said...

Congrats, Auntie Lindsey!! I love the last picture where he has multiple little rolls on his adorable!!