August 2, 2011


Tanner and I thought it's be fun to take a ceramics class.  So this summer we have been makin' pots on the wheel.  

My brother, Tanner's sister, and Tanner's brother are in the class with us as well and it has been a LOT of fun!  We go to class Monday evenings and then we get to go to one 'open studio' a week for free.  A couple weeks ago I ran into a friend at open studio.  It was fun to make fancy things and catch up with her.

I can't throw very big pots yet, but I have improved over the course of the class.  Here is the only picture I have remembered to take.  The 3 front pieces are mine.

Tanner and I are now thinking about buying a wheel for our house.  What do you think?  Is that a worthwhile investment?

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Geevz said...

Your pots look so cool! I kept meaning to bring my camera to the studio but always forgot. Maybe next round.

They told us we were only supposed to fire things we made during class so I think you'd need a kiln too if you got a wheel.

Now if you sold the stuff you made, invest away! Then I can come and borrow it :)