May 19, 2009

Copy Cat

Yes, I am a copy cat. Lauren does this thing on her blog where she posts "Things Lauren is Happy About".

This post is
Things Lindsey is Happy About!
(Thanks Lauren)

1) I'm a college graduate!

I graduated Summa Cum Laude from ASU! I now hold a bachelors degree. I also got my teaching certificate last week, so I am a real teacher now. It feels G.R.E.A.T. for anyone who is now in school, hang in there.

This picture made possible by my brother Brad.

On the way to graduation. That face is because I am NOT looking forward to putting on the ugly hat.

With Tanner, the ugly hat, and my empty diploma case (they mail the REAL diploma later).

Seriously though, those graduation caps are attrocious! I mean we're graduating from college--this has required a good amount of time, energy, work and money--doesn't that deserve better?! I mean they should give us the cutest hat ever invented, not that ugly piece of junk. I don't think anyone looks good in those (well, except Afton at high school graduation)

Camille, thanks for being my graduation buddy and sitting next to me!

Thanks family for being so supportive and making the sacrifices to be there (especially you Brandon!). And thanks for dinner at Chevy's afterwards.

2) My little brother Connie (his real name is Austin) got his mission call!

He's going to Omaha, Nebraska and leaves July 1st.

This is just me, my sis-in-law, and my nephew Brig. Love him.

3) Lisa, one of my former roomates, got married!!!

This is the old roomies at the cheesecake factory after her bachelorette party.

Here she is at her reception. She was beautiful! And VERY skinny! I think my bones alone make me fatter than that!

4) My brother is cute and took Brig on a lawnmower wide. I love this picture.

5) Tanner and I made collages!

Here's the one I made for Tanner. My favorite part=the picture of bottles of mayonaise. He told me that just seeing the pictures of the mayo made him feel gross. Haha.

Here's the one he made for me. It's really funny. My favorite part='recycling: rest in peace'.
That's funny because it's true. I really don't recycle. I'm the opposite of green (what does that make me? Red? And I'm totally fine with that).

6) my birthday is this Thursday. And guess what the universe decided to give me... The season premier to
So You Think You Can Dance!!!!!!! Thank you universe!

7) There's a new addition to our family! Any guesses as to what it might be? I'll give you a hint: it's
NOT a baby/child/fetus/anythinglikethat.


Camille said...

I guess a Bosch.

And I don't hate a lot of things in life, but I hate that you don't recycle.

Kylee said...

My first guess is a turtle named Murtle.

My next guess is fish named Nemo

My third guess is a robot named Monte for Gregron to have a friend

Am I close?

Jonathan and Sarah said...

Congrats on graduating AND passing your teaching test! It's good to hear what's going on with you. I would HATE to have Jonathan gone at night. I remember when we were first married he'd have to leave EARLY in the morning for work and I would get super paranoid. One morning I text him and told him to come home because I swore someone was in our house. No one was. I just freak myself out. I guess a dog. Everybody that gets married and doesn't want to get pregnant gets a dog.

erin k said...

I think you pulled off the horrible hat quite nicely!

SYTYCD is probably the best birthday present ever. Lucky!

Are you pregnant with a full-grown man?

RatalieNose said...

I love that you don't recycle!
I love that oyu and tanner made collages for one another, I love the difference you see depending on who made it...made me laugh!


Camille Elise said...

What?! Premiere! Shoot I missed it. And and AND I missed saying happy birthday to you before your birthday was over? I am a bad graduation buddy. I hope you had a FANTASTIC day!

Rae said...

congrats on the degree!!! .. i still have another year on mine. ugh.

My guess for the new addition is something delicious. A baked good perhaps? Or maybe Jude LAw?