July 29, 2008

Is this how it feels to be grown up?

I guess I'm grown up...

I'm out of high school.  I am financially responsible for myself.  I'm taller than 95% of the parents I know.  I'm far past being legal (age wise) as far as the law is concerned.  Im getting married in less than 3 months.  Yup, it seems that most people would consider me a 'grown up'.

It's strange, really.  I mean, sure, according to the above-mentioned facts, I'm a grown up, but I still have a lot of kid in me.  Just take a look...

I like to act like a raptor.

Sometimes I have crazy hair and make faces to match it.

I enjoy having 'crazy face competitions.'

My brother Brandon and I, we love to be insane and make people laugh.

I mix it up when I can.  

There's a bit of inconsistency here: reason tells me I should be grown up, yet it's undeniable that I'm not wholly ready to be the boring-kind-of-grown-up.

This is my mom.  (Well, my mom, sister, and me if you are going to be specific.  But my mom is in the back.)  She's VERY grown up, and I'm pretty sure she would never do any of the things I did in my pictures.

When I was younger, I always thought that when I grew up I would be just like my mom!

I don't know how I expected to get there, but I just knew that when I was grown up I would know how to cook, clean, manage children, be a good wife, be the kind of mother she was, know all the kinds of good questions to ask at the doctor's office, sew magnificent things, everything like that.  Yet here I am; apparently grown up, and I can do some of those things, but it's just not anything near what my naive childish mind thought, years ago. {Yes, I am somewhat like her already.  I catch myself saying things she does verbatim, like "They're both good in their own ways" and "That's not a very wise choice, is it?"  I just wish I could be more like her in the cooking sense...}

So I guess for now I'll say that I'm partially grown up...  But not all the way...


Amanda and Erik said...

Oh growing up is a harsh reality, which some of us never really reach. I say that those who are responsible and fun loving have it right. I would definitally put you in that category! If we were all completely grown up like we had imagined in our youth what a boring life this would be!

Camille said...

Updating so MUCH!!! You are such a good person! And I am thrilled every time I click on your link and see something new.

As for being grown up, it's a question I've had for myself since I was 18. I still feel like such a little girl, but here I am married...so either I am grown up or Kyle should get arrested.

Don't worry--getting married won't make you feel a lick older. At least, it hasn't for me.

Kim said...

I am terrified of growing up! I am starting my 2nd year of college and it scares the life out of me. And plus I am turning 20 this year. Goodbye teen life forever.. I liked this post because I feel the same way, I think I will always act childish no matter what age I am. I love the Dino Picture by the way, you are almost half it height.

Mistakes for Marion said...

Lindsey, you're going blogger crazy!

It's awesome!

At this rate, when I get back from Utah, it'll take me hours to read it all!

BTW, you make a good looking raptor.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that i dont have to consider myself a grown up. I am not anything that you mentioned...Financially responsible-NOPE!!, taller than other parents-NOPE, Getting married- (I want with all my heart to insert a cuss word here) NO!!!!


Lauren said...

I am such a baby. Seriously. I don't think Ted realizes what he has gotten himself into. But then again...I think I am more grown up than Ted.

As for growing up into moms...I never aspired to grow up to be like my mom. Have you met her? She never grew up haha!

Do you have a place to live picked out? E-mail me.

Geneva said...

Oh I feel your pain, even if it is much after you wrote this. Wait until you have a house and a career. Not a job mind you, but a career with health insurance and 401K's. And I never tell people how young I am because I don't want them to think I do my crazy things because I'm young. We'll be doing raptor walks until we are 70. Oooh, no eighty, because the wrinkles really will make us look like raptors.