February 24, 2008

Getting Better

So at the same time that the dirty little devil showed up on my face, I had some other health troubles. My tonsils started giving me a great deal of trouble! I had a fever for a few days, was weak and dizzy, my tonsils swelled up, got extra red, and got white spots in them. {SICK, I know!} It was nearly impossible to swallow. You know, just all around miserable. Oh, and I had that dirty little devil known as a cold sore. Well after a few days of this I broke down and went to the doctor. {I say broke down because I feel like going to the doctor is a joke... they never give me really good answers, or help me out all that much...}.

The doctor{I didn't see my normal doctor this time because it was on such short notice and he didn't have any openings} said it looked like Strep Throat, so we did a test. We did the test that gives immediate results and is accurate 96% of the time. It came back negative so the doctor told me it was probably a virus and to just wit it out. She did, however, give me something called acyclovir to help my cold sore go away. After about 4 days my throat was feeling better.

Here's how my mouth is looking, by the way--for anyone who cares.

Look, it's so happy to be looking mostly better!!!

Well, last Sunday my throat started bothering me again and all the mess with the tonsils came back, but worse this time! I gave it a few days again and once more went to the doctor{my usual doctor this time}. He asked me the usual questions and lolly gaged around a bit, and them he finally decided it was time to look in my throat. {I thought about taking pictures and putting them up here[in fact I even have one, but it is only sort of 'good'], but my throat was gruesome, and even I have some decency and know where to draw the line...}

Doctor: "Okay, go ahead and open your mouth, let's take a look"

Me: "Ahhhhh"

Doctor: "Oh wow! ....Well, there are only two things that look like that: strep and mono."

Yeah! BAD NEWS!!! So We took another strep test and sent it out to be tested to see if I fell in that 4%, and did some blood work to see if it's mono. I should find out tomorrow. He started me on an antibiotic in case it is strep, and since then the spots have left, the swelling and redness have gone down, and I can swallow again, so it seems like it would have been strep, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up in case that's not the case. {It's sort of funny that having strep throat would be getting your hope up... haha}. So we'll see....

But the GOOD news is that my cold sore is getting so so so much better!!!


theycallmeaft said...

there is only one cause for all of this. you miss me. i sincerely apologize. i will drop everything and be home in exactly 12 days. i feel like your health will return then.

love me.

(okay so i really do hope you get better WAY before i return home. i hate being sick and being sick for a long drawn out period is even worse. get well!)

Anonymous said...

That is truly ghastly.

Camberley said...

I used to be the strep throat queen- until I got my tonsils out a few years ago. It is so painful. I feel your pain. Get well soon!

Camille said...

Just as good as when you were first born. That's what I...er...YOU always say.