December 10, 2013

The holidays!

I really love this time of the year!  My mom and I wrote all about the holidays and traditions over here.

This year the day before Thanksgiving we had a pie making party at my parents' house.

My nephews were there, my mom and dad helped, then one brother and sister-in-law came over.  I make 2 pumpkin pies and my first ever pecan pie.  I need a little more practice making pie crusts, but overall it was a success!  I think that next year I'll try to make a strawberry rhubarb pie (Tanner's favorite).

We spend Thanksgiving over at my great aunt Pam's house.  It seems that after eating, we always tend to get a little crazy.  This year it was a three person tower.

The Sunday or Monday after Thanksgiving we get together to make gingerbread houses.  This is probably my favorite holiday tradition. 

This year we decided to decorate our house in red and white.  We added a little garden in our yard as well.  Our cute little gingerbread house is now sitting on our piano looking festive.

Last night we had an extended family Christmas party.  My little brother played Santa! We all thought it was so funny that we decided to join in on the fun.

A few weeks ago I went to a boutique.  I saw a lot of cute things and left feeling crafty! 

I painted this little sign to make my desk area feel more christmas-y.

I also saw some cute headbands at the botique.  I felt like I could make them for a lot less than they were selling for.  They have wire inside, so they bend and shape to your head.  I feel like I have a hard time wearing headbands because they always seem to fit weird of slip off.  These are perfect!  I made a couple and really like them.

And... We got a new car!  It's a 2004 Mini Cooper. 


Austin Burnham said...

I check this blog almost every day, but somehow Rhonda found it first. I like the holly in the painting! You are so craftsy. I'm glad you posted!

Austin Burnham said...

So crafty! This post is full of fun, fun, FUN! I'm still a little jealous of the fence around your gingerbread house. So fancy. And yes, I will be swiping that Santa picture from you. Thanks. :)