April 3, 2013


We recently got fish in my classroom.  We started out with 2 sucker fish, two blue &orange fish, an orange fish, and a black &white striped fish.

The blue and orange fish didn't last long.  One died after about a week and the other went 3 days later. I scooped out the fish that died last Thursday and was going to go flush it down the toilet while the kids were at recess. I scooped the dead guy into a cup and... Forgot about him. Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  They all went by as the dead, forgotten fish sat in that little cup I the counter.  When I got to school Monday morning my classroom smelled REALLY bad.  Turns out decaying fish smell foul.  I always figured they would, but know I know without a doubt that they do.  Nasty!

Well with those two fish dead that just left our tank with two sucker fish (who hide most of the time and are pretty boring), an orange fish, and the striped black and white fish.  The orange fish is a bit bigger than the striped fish.

I imagine that life as a fish can get pretty dull. The orange fish chases the striped fish from time to time and I thought that was fun. It came up in a class conversation. One student stated that they noticed the chasing. The next kid commented that the orange fish was being really mean to the striped fish. The third kid agreed and suggested that we kill the orange fish. She is such a sweet kid and she said it so casually that it really threw me off. Shockingly, lots of the other kids thought that was a sensible solution.

Kill the fish?! Just because he's chasing the other one?! A little rash, right?... And strange that a room of 7 and 8 year olds thought that was a good idea.


Geevz said...

Sometimes I think we should get J a fish because she is obsessed with them. Posts like this remind me that they die much too easily.

Sorry for the smell! yuck!

Andrea said...

A long time ago, we had these huge koi fish in my parent's backyard pond. Something happened to the water and we found them all floating dead one day. Apparently we were attached to the fish, because we buried them in the backyard instead of just tossing them in the trash. Well, it didn't take long for our dog to find them ...and then roll in them. Old dead fish + wet dog smell = there is seriously nothing that could smell worse. Nothing.

I know that doesn't help, but at least your kids didn't roll in the stinky fish?