June 18, 2011

Quarter Century

I had my birthday and now I'm a quarter century old!  The big 2-5!

For my birthday this year my dad (who is a pilot) flew us up to Heber to stay at their cabin Friday night. 



We got to the cabin just after 6 and fell asleep by 6:30.  I thought we'd take a little nap then go to dinner.  Turns out we were so tired that we slept ALL night!  I didn't get up till 7:30 the next morning.

 The next day we went to lunch at Casa Ramos.  Tanner ordered the Mexican pizza which turned out to be enough food for 3.

I ordered a burrito which was also way more food than I could eat!  But it was tasty.

 While we were out and about we went to the local Heber thrift store.  We stumbled across these fantastic jump suits!  A deal we simply could not pass up.

We headed back to the cabin and napped (because we obviously hadn't slept enough the night before) and relaxed all afternoon.  My dad came and got us around six that night and flew back home.  It wasn't a very long getaway, but it was so nice and so relaxing.

The next night we went to Sunday dinner at my in-laws.  My sister-in-law Tabitha made me two delicious cakes.  They sang to me, we ate, and enjoyed each others company.  here are some pictures from that evening.  (Thanks Lisa for the pictures!)

All in all my birthday was a success!  Tanner also bought me a beach cruiser bike that is so much fun!
So here's to being 25!


Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Glad it was fun!!

Camille Elise said...

Also happy belated birthday. I wish I could have had some of that choc cake. It looks phenomenal! :) Hope you are having a great summer besides your awesome 25th bday!

Julie Whipple Herbert said...

Lindsey you and your husband are too cute! Love the blog :)