December 19, 2009


I have been told that gulash is a Hungarian stew that has a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Just a big mix I guess.  For some reason that's how I feel right now.  I don't feel like stew, I just feel like a little bit of this and that...

I have been super busy with school recently.  I always heard that the first year of teaching was "SO MUCH WORK!" but for some reason thought that that wasn't going to apply to me...  Haha!!  Yes.  Teaching IS a lot of work.  SO much work.  But I am loving it and learning SO MUCH!  Those little second graders take a lot of energy, but they are also so full of love.

Yesterday as the last day of school this year.  We had a little holiday party and made 'gingerbread houses' out of graham crackers.  It was a ton of fun that every single students thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is always fun to see my kids enjoy something so much :o)

My favorite holiday is coming up!  I simply love this time of the year!!!  I am trying to enjoy every bit of Christmas I can.  It's probably weird, but I also don't like when Christmas gets so close, because I know that soon it'll be gone and I'll have to wait 10 months until the NEXT holiday season.  Silly, right?  I have yo remind myself to enjoy what's here while it's here.

Last night I was SO TIRED!  I went to sleep to take a little nap at 6:30 and just slept all night.  Well, until 4:30 this morning that is...  And here I am, WIDE awake at 5:20 typing a blog.  :o)

I always look forward to my breaks from school, but once they're here I don't know what to do with my time...  I need to start some projects.  Or buckle down and do my report cards... 

The day after Christmas I am going up to my parents' cabin for 5 days.  I love it up there in the mountains.  Except when I get cold.  I hate being cold.

I'm off to clean my house.  

Enjoy your holiday season!!!

December 1, 2009

My voice.... gone.

I guess it got jealous of my hair...

Yesterday at 10:00 am my voice started going.  Here I am the following night totally voiceless.  If I talk normally just air comes out.  If I scream it comes out just below my normal voice level, but all crackly and scratchy.  If I whisper it sounds like a whisper.  The strangest part is that I feel fine--there's no pain.  not yet at least...

Today at school I had to whisper directions to one student and have that student loudly tell the rest of the class.  I am taking tomorrow off to rest my poor larynx.  (The first time I've called for a sub.  I'm slightly nervous seeing that I'm quite attached to my class.  The good news is the sub is my mother-in-law, so they're in good hands).