November 24, 2009

Phone photos

I recently transfered the pictures from my phone onto Gregron.  I went through them on my phone.  Here are a few gems I found:

This was on the door of the laundry room at an apartment complex.!

This is Mark Twain, the rabbit who lived in our yard for a week.

Homemade cream puffs!  Sooo good!


 Paxy and Alberta.  Loved these couches.  Anyone who knew 5 East hillside knew how great these couches

My and my grandmas :o

They CHANGED the sign.  They changed it to make it incorrect.  Silly.

The most AMAZING chocolate-and-peanut-butter-covered rice crispy treat.  It came from a cute little fudge shop in Maryland.


RatalieNose said...

Alright I confess!!!

Tracy said...

mmmmm I am trying to decide what I would rather be eating right now.. a delicious chocolate filled rice krispy treat, or homemade deliciousness in the form of puffs!!!

..that pantie stealing sign made me laugh out loud!

Justin and Stefanie said...

panties.. what are those?? that really is pretty funny! were you the one that put up the sign?? i knew it!! :)