October 8, 2009

Second Graders

I've learned a LOT about second graders these past four weeks. For example:

* The make a whole lot of pee. Honestly. They have to go every hour. And they don't even drink that much... I just don't get it.

* The world is their playground. ANYTHING can be a toy or distraction. This includes (but is not limited to) their feet while they are walking, the pencil they are using, or the person sitting beside them.

* It's extremely difficult to walk in a straight line.

* They can be so silly! They say the most unexpected things (good or bad).

* They have an amazing capacity to love.


mannadarlin said...

Making you still want 5th/6th grade or have their small bladders won you over?

Heber A said...

Playing with your feet can be quite enjoyable. Not to mention a whole school of dance to devoted to them (:

RatalieNose said...

When I told my mom about your job she said "this is gonna be the biggest learning experience of her life."

✩Molly✩ said...

Well, I would love for you to be Scarlett's Second Grade teacher someday :) I am sure you are wonderful at it.

Anonymous said...

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