July 29, 2009

Answer: A theif in the night.

If you couldn't tell my my title, we're playing a little game of Jeopardy.

Answer: A thief in the night.

Question: Who broke into my car.

On Sunday my driver side window broke and is now stuck rolled down. A dirty rotten thief saw that last night and decided to take advantage.

What so I have to say about this? In his face!!! I didn't have anything of value in there. All he got was 2 dollars and a little bit of change. He was kind enough to leave my bobble pig and earphones behind.

But still. I have knowing there are people like that in the world. People who think it's fine to take anything they want.


Merkley Jiating said...

Oh no! I am glad you didn't have anything worth stealing though. :-) I probably would have taken the bobble pig.

Whitney said...

He left the bobble pig!? what kind of man... or woman is he... or she!? I bet he could get like 5 bucks for that! ha ha. Sorry about your stolen money. thats rough.

The Tutton Family said...

The same thing happened to me when we first moved into our neighborhood! Well, I left the doors unlocked on accident. But the thief just ransacked my car... left the ipod and everything! I think it was some kids looking for money.

Sam and Jen Western said...

Last weekend my Cadalydic Converter was stolen off my car!! If you heard a car louder than any other in the neighborhood last weekend, it was me! Good thing Sam can fix a thing or two with cars :) It's no fun getting stolen from! I was so mad at whoever it was.

RatalieNose said...


Lisa Mills said...

reminds me of when my car was broken into once... didn't have any valuables either. but they did take a cosmetic bag out of my trunk that had a toothbrush and tampons in it. LOSERS- have fun with my tampons and used toothbrush!