January 24, 2009

3 Months Ago I Went on a Honeymoon

It's true. I got married--which you already know--and proceeded to go on a honeymoon. Let me show you.

*** Once again i had more pictures I wanted to add, but the stolen internet here at my house is a bit faulty...***

We spent our first night in Scottsdale in a fancy pants hotel. When we checked in I was still in my dress and Tanner was still in his tux. When they realized we had just got hitched, they upgraded our room!

Here we are on our first full day married!

And Tanner with a huge plate of nachos. He was SO EXCITED when he saw how big the plate was!

I had a couple pictures from Disneyland I was going to post, but i guess I'll have to wait until the internet is more cooperative.