July 25, 2007

My Very Own Blog

So I have recently taken a great liking to reading other people's Blogs: those belonging to strangers as well as people I know. I know that it sounds a little strange and absurd, but it is the honest truth. My desire to start my own blog has stemmed from that obsession. So here I am, starting my own blog. It seems that starting a blog gives the writer a whole new outlook on life-I mean I will be going about my day and think "wow! That would make an awesome subject for a blog entry" or "that is a perfect blog story". I feel like I have reached a new epoch. I think that since this is my first entry, I should mention the inspirations for "Stories of a Silly Spinster". My main blog instpiration is Cristin Lassen-one of my good friend's sister-in-law: she has am amazing and inspiring blog about her life. Secondly, Camille Strate-my best friend who recently started an amazing blog herself.

So I have decided to write about the mane of my blog. "Stories of a Silly Spinster".

STORIES: I love to tell stories! To me, my life is essentially a compilation of stories: funny, sad, tragic, adventurous, tender, you get the idea. As I experience these stories I like to share them with others.

SILLY: Yes! I most defidently am silly-no doubt about that!

SPINSTER: Now I think that the validity of this is dependant upon the person/group you ask. By 'mormon standards' I guess I am a little bit of a spinster. I mean I am a solid 21 year old and i am not dating anyone, engaged, or married... I must be in trouble! According to my married peers who thik that marriage is the most amazing thing that ever happened, I am considered a spinster (especially since I am not headed down that path just yet.) Personally, I think that being single right now is the best thing for ME. Sure, marriage might be perfect and right for other people my age, but that truly does not appeal to me at all right now. Maybe this isn't what others think, but frankly, it's not their decision to make. I don't condemn the married, and they shouldn't condemn me either.

So that's that! I hope that this blog woll prove to be enlightening and enjoyable to me and the readers.


Anonymous said...

i love it just as much as i miss you at this very moment. a lot!

Camille said...

Oh B!!! This is the greatest. Blogs, blogs, blogs. Will you post pictures? It is so easy and fun fun fun!! I have thousands of ideas for the next blog...can't wait to get mine up and running again. I am looking forward to seeing you again. Love ya, and love your blog.

Camille said...

Comments are fun so I will post another one.

Camille said...

I have a new post...

Anonymous said...


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