October 6, 2012


About a month ago I sat down and spent 2 hours writing an amazing post with detailed stories of my trip to Hawaii.  I finished it up, went to post it, and it disappeared.  That made me so mad that I almost divorced my blog... but I didn't...and now here I am.  Although blogger deleted all my hard work and writing it did save the pictures I had uploaded [in a weird order] and the first 3 sentences to a draft.  So that's what I'll be posting along with a lits of what I did on my trip to Maui.  

My husband wasn't able to get any time off from work this summer.   I had the travel bug and even though Tanner wouldn't be able to join me he game me his well wishes in planning and taking a trip!  Such a good man, that husband of mine!

Here's what my trip consisted of:
- Crossing off 2 life goals--going to Hawaii and riding on a Submarine
- Eating a LOT of REALLY tasty food and desserts
- Hanging out on the beach (although I only got wet once!)
- Going snorkeling
- Reading a lot (while on the beach)
- Going to a swap meet
- Driving the Road to Hana which was incredible!
- Going zip lining on Haleakala 
- Visiting a black sand beach
- Being squished on the plane because I'm so tall
- Driving around in my zippy, yellow rental car
- Going to a Luau
- Visiting an aquarium 
- Getting familiar with my map as I adventured in a new place
- Wearing my new purple and orange swim suit
- Going to the movies 3 times!  And seeing the strangest movie: Moonrise Kingdom
- Sleeping a lot
- Having an incredibly hard time finding the church building, then going to church
- Eating more.  The Shave Ice is to die for.  And I ate the most amazing fish taco of.my.life.
- Face-timing with my family while they were together for Sunday dinner.  Thank you Apple!

It was a good, good time!