February 24, 2008

Getting Better

So at the same time that the dirty little devil showed up on my face, I had some other health troubles. My tonsils started giving me a great deal of trouble! I had a fever for a few days, was weak and dizzy, my tonsils swelled up, got extra red, and got white spots in them. {SICK, I know!} It was nearly impossible to swallow. You know, just all around miserable. Oh, and I had that dirty little devil known as a cold sore. Well after a few days of this I broke down and went to the doctor. {I say broke down because I feel like going to the doctor is a joke... they never give me really good answers, or help me out all that much...}.

The doctor{I didn't see my normal doctor this time because it was on such short notice and he didn't have any openings} said it looked like Strep Throat, so we did a test. We did the test that gives immediate results and is accurate 96% of the time. It came back negative so the doctor told me it was probably a virus and to just wit it out. She did, however, give me something called acyclovir to help my cold sore go away. After about 4 days my throat was feeling better.

Here's how my mouth is looking, by the way--for anyone who cares.

Look, it's so happy to be looking mostly better!!!

Well, last Sunday my throat started bothering me again and all the mess with the tonsils came back, but worse this time! I gave it a few days again and once more went to the doctor{my usual doctor this time}. He asked me the usual questions and lolly gaged around a bit, and them he finally decided it was time to look in my throat. {I thought about taking pictures and putting them up here[in fact I even have one, but it is only sort of 'good'], but my throat was gruesome, and even I have some decency and know where to draw the line...}

Doctor: "Okay, go ahead and open your mouth, let's take a look"

Me: "Ahhhhh"

Doctor: "Oh wow! ....Well, there are only two things that look like that: strep and mono."

Yeah! BAD NEWS!!! So We took another strep test and sent it out to be tested to see if I fell in that 4%, and did some blood work to see if it's mono. I should find out tomorrow. He started me on an antibiotic in case it is strep, and since then the spots have left, the swelling and redness have gone down, and I can swallow again, so it seems like it would have been strep, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up in case that's not the case. {It's sort of funny that having strep throat would be getting your hope up... haha}. So we'll see....

But the GOOD news is that my cold sore is getting so so so much better!!!

February 20, 2008

Gregron's Birthday

For those of you who don't know, this is Gregron:

Gregron and I are extremely close. I feel comfortable saying that the two of us could be called best friends... I have been known to say that I "love him more than any human child {Save Brig}". Some people don't think that is okay, but they just don't quite understand the intricasies of our relationship. Call me weird, think that's strange, but it is what it is...

Gregron recently had his first birthday, and like any good owner and best friend, I threw him a birthday party. We sarted out by all writing something that we loved about Gregron, and putting it in a bowl. We then passed then back out--making sure that no one had their own paper--and read them off in robot/computer voices. It was basically amazing!

After that it was cake time! We sang happy birthday and then Gregron blew out his OWN candle. How, praytell, did a computer blow out his own candles, you may be asking... Well, he's just that incredible! ...Okay, I shut him, and the air from that blew out the candle... but you have to admit, that's really RAD!

And here's a picture he took as he was blowing out the candles.

Happy first birthday Gregron! It has been an incredible year! I can't wait to see what the next has in store for the two of us!

February 11, 2008

Dirty Little Devil!

So I am a fairly healthy, normal, run-of-the-mill girl. I don't get sick very often, my blood is pure enough to donate often, and I'm not even allergic to anything.

Last Sunday {8 days ago [Camille, I used that beautiful bracket in honor of you] } I woke up with a COLD SORE! Of all things!!!!!! The little devil was there, on the top left portion of my lip--like he owned the place. Lest you be deceived, this was totally unexpected. This is cold sore #1 for me. I went 21 years, 8 months, 1 week, and 1 day cold sore free, and then BAM! one shows up.

It started off really small and discrete like this. Not too bad. {I mean it was bad, but it wasn't as awful as it could have been [or would get...] }

DAY FIVE Little devil just got worse. Ugly, ugly, ugly!

I think that this was the worst day of all! Bigger, uglier, and more painful than ever.
This is today. You can't really tell from the picture, but it's much better today than it has been in the past. It isn't better yet, but it's on the way....

Stupid cold sore...

Pretty sure there's nothing that you can do to prevent cold sores, but do your very best to try not to get one: they are miserable--sent from Satan himself I think!

*******Disclaimer: I did not contract this from someone else as you may think! Tanner is the only boy I had been kissing and he has NEVER had a cold sore*******

February 4, 2008

Rain in a Desert

So I think it's so funny when it rains in Mesa.  Rain and a desert just don't seem to mix very well!

Every time it rains and I have to drive somewhere, I have to plan an extra ten minutes to get there.  Today it took longer than normal to get to ASU because the heavens blessed us with moisture.

This morning I got dressed and put on a blue and brown striped shirt, a blue undershirt, brown sweater, and blue jeans.  I don't have good blue shoes, and my only good brown shoes are flip flops, so naturally I slipped those on on my way out the door.  I didn't even think about the rain and my shoes being a bad combination.  All day my feet have been cold, wet, and my shoes have been slipping about.  I have had to walk extremely slowly and carefully as not to fall and break my back--or more tragic, Gregron (my computer in my backpack).

Half of my class was late today, but my teacher was okay with that:

"Oh, it's raining... We'll give everyone about 5 more minutes to get here..."

What?!  That's just silly...

The funniest thing that I have seen today was when I was walking this morning.  You know those little booties that doctors wear when they're in the E.R.?  The little blue ones?  Well, there were these three guys walking together and one of them had those over his shoes!!!  did he really think that was going to help? Haha!

Oh, us poor desert rats... we don't know what to do in the rain...